Bathroom Remodel

Generations Construction provides bathroom remodeling services for Southern California. Generations Construction can help in all steps of a bathroom remodel, from design to something that has never been done.

Steps in planning a bathroom remodel

  1. Plan for success-First decide if you would be keeping the existing
    Bathroom Remodel by Generations Construction

    Bathroom Remodel by Generations Construction

    plumbing layout, or will you need an architect to re-design for a larger spa style bathroom.

  2. Gather inspiration pictures- by having a
    vision this allows contractors to have a better understanding of the direction you want to achieve. Along with a more accurate account of material and resources needed to achieve your look..
  3. Schematic Design- together we can sketch out cabinet size, the logistic of each one, once a layout has been planned.
  4. City permits- a licensed contractor obtains the proper permits to start the demo, remodel, plumbing, electrical, and any other permits needs to properly complete the remodel. Complying with city codes confirms that your new bathroom will be up to code and safe for years to come.
  5. Demolition- Removing all and any fixtures or walls that wont been needed in the new design look. Including plumbing, tile, shower, windows, electrical, and any molded walls/ceiling.
  6. Rough Mechanical- Rough electrical and plumbing must be complete to request a city inspection for rough construction.
  7. Installation- Bathtubs and custom cabinets are then installed, followed by counter and flooring.
  8. Fixture and Finishes- Lighting fixtures, door handles, crown molding, baseboards and painting are then placed.
  9. Final Inspection-Once all aspects of the job is complete.  A city inspector comes out to inspect the contractors work for 100% compliance.

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