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Generations Construction provides framing contractor services for Southern California.

Framing new addition and garage by Generations Construction

Framing new addition and garage by Generations Construction

Framing, also know as rough carpentry, is the first step in any new construction or remodel project. Framing consists of setting up the basic structure for walls, ceilings, etc., which will then be covered in finishing material such as drywall, brick, and exposed wood.

Lumber is the most popular framing material due to being inexpensive, easy to work with and readily available. Other material such as brick, concrete and brick can also be used to support heavier structures but do require additional equipment and labor.

Steps in Framing

  1.    Start wall framing with city approved blueprint, showing the layout of the wall, the location of openings and any special features like furnace plenums or electrical boxes. Determine the wall thickness and height per plans. Building walls on a flat hard surface as a driveway will help build the wall to then later raise onto predetermined location.
  2. Lay two 2-by-4-inch boards the length of the wall together with the 2-inch edges up and ends flush to make top and bottom plates. Mark stud locations with a measure tape, square and pencil.
  3. Measure and mark 16-inch increments based on that line the length of the wall. Skip spaces for window and door openings but make sure there is a full stud at the indicated outsides of each opening at this point ceiling height, dropped interior soffits,
  4. Square the wall frame by measuring corner to corner with a tape measure and adjusting the rectangle until those diagonals are identical.
  5. Frame doors and windows separately and set completed frames into the wall. Use a level to set the header level
  6. Set a header in place between the studs and nail it through the studs into the 2-by-6 ends.
  7. Put the completed frame into the wall in the designated space in the wall and fasten it with framing nails through the plates into the ends of each stud.

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