Kitchen Remodel

We’re provide kitchen remodel services for Southern California.

Custom kitchen remodel by Generations Construction Los Angeles

Custom kitchen remodel by Generations Construction

Steps in planning a kitchen remodel

  1. Plan for success-would you be keeping the existing layout, change exiting style to compliment the era of your home or will you need an architect/engineer to design a bigger kitchen.
  2. Gather inspiration pictures- by having a vision this allows Generations Construction a better understanding of what you want to achieve. Along with a more accurate view on material for your estimate.
  3. Schematic Design- together we sketch out cabinet sizes, the logistic of each one, appliance locations, along with mechanics behind installation should be ironed out at this point.
  4. City permits- Generations Construction obtains the proper permits to start the demo and remodel, confirming that your new kitchen will be up to your city codes and safe for years to come.
  5. Demolition- removing the old cabinet and flooring safely. Lead and asbestos testing is completed prior.
  6. Instillation- Custom cabinets are on site 3 weeks from approving design. Installation is then completed and a city inspection is requested.
  7. Fixture and Finishes- The overall look has probably already been chosen now is the fun part, seeing the custom look you’ve worked so hard to achieve comes to life.  Picking a back splash, flooring trim, light fixture and decorative hardware completes the look.
  8. Final Inspection-Once all aspects of the project is complete.  A city inspector inspects Generations Constructions work for a 100% compliance.