Laying Foundation

Generations Construction provides foundation laying services for Southern California.
southern california laying foundation and slab

Foundation, slab and footing being set in Los Angeles by Generations Construction

Foundation Laying is a time-consuming and crucial part of any remodeling, room addition and new construction. Steps vary due to city code compliance. Generations construction takes pride in building strong and solid foundations to last generations to come.


Steps of a laying foundation

  1. Stake and survey the grounds
    Before a plan can be determined, the site is surveyed to establish the sites basic blueprint and to ensure the site is back at the appropriate distances to  the property lines. An excavator can then dig the offset stakes, planning to make a slightly larger hole than what the foundation will actually occupy. The extra space allows the crew to work on the exterior of the walls.
  2. Excavation
    The structural engineer is who determines the depth of the excavation soil, the frost line and height of the water table (the depth in the soil at which you find water). Surface soil is removed to expose compacted soil that can bear the load of the home.
  3. Footings
    Concrete pathways for footings are poured to help spread the weight of the site from the foundation walls and surrounding soil. Footings are wider than the foundation walls they support, and are designed to form the perimeter of the home. At times, additional footings are used inside the perimeter of the site to hold load-bearing interior walls.
  4. Walls
    Foundation walls are constructed by pouring concrete between sets of form work (the total system of support assemblies for freshly poured concrete, hardware and necessary bracing.) Once the concrete gains its full strength, the form work is removed. Foundation wall thickness is determined by a structural engineer who considers the height of the wall and the load it has to bear. (Structural load is the force or combination of forces of gravity, wind, and earth that acts upon the structural system of a home). Wall thickness varies from home to home, and even within a home.
  5. Anchor Bolts
    Anchor bolts are pre-determined points at the top of  foundation walls. Used to secure the framing to the foundation.
  6. Slab
    Anywhere from 3.5-4 inch thick concrete slab is poured between the walls. The slab stabilizes the base of the foundation walls.

Generations Construction can help with any aspects of laying foundation for your residential or commercial construction project. Contact us today for details.