Generations Construction offers Fire Restoration Emergency Services in the  Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

House on fire, Generations Construction responded in 50 min to mediate damages.

House on fire, Generations Construction responded in 50 min to mediate damages.

Having a fire in your home or office causes not only stress but leaves anyone feeling venerable.

  1. first action to take are to get your loved ones out of danger and allow the fire department to take all necessary measure to control the situation. Having an emergency kit is ideal in these situations. Keeping a phone book of emergency numbers and info you might need(Example:family phone numbers, insurance info, and bank account info), water, emergency blanket, and shoes.
  2. Call Generations Construction at (213)223-2105. Generations Construction responds in 60 min flat. Insurance adjusters usually take 24-48 hours to respond. Generations Construction is here to guide though this difficult time.
  3.  Get Generations Construction to start Emergency Services with in 2 hours of the fire being settled. By adding a Negative air or ozone remover will keep smoke and soot from settling into clothing in closets or furniture in rooms that were in unaffected rooms. Smoke and soot, are just a few elements that cant be controlled and find a way into all crevasses of a home or business.  Secure the property so that nobody can get hurt whether your family or loiterers, because you are still responsible if anything is to happen when your are away.
  4. Have Generations Construction arrange a walk thru with your insurance adjuster. At this point our general contractor will be present to advise the insurance adjuster as to what is needs in order to get the property back to its pre-fire condition. A Fire Restoration General Contractor is the only one that knows what needs to be done. An insurance adjuster is not a general contractor.  Having your insurance company pay for what your policy covers is actually a process. Having Generation Construction on your side to make sure your claim is handled with the respect of your home in mind and always making your needs a priority.
  5. Once the homeowner, contractor and insurance adjuster have come to an agreement built back can then start. City permits and lead/ asbestos testing should be completed before settlement can be reached.
  6. While building a property back Generations Construction arranges weekly walk-through s  with the property owners, keeping them up to date with the completion date and to answer any questions.


References are available upon request.